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1959 Degree Maturita' Classica; Istituto Massimo, Rome.
1960-63 Studies at the University of Rome.
1963-65 Studies at the University of Naples.
1965 Law degree from the University of Naples — Thesis on Labor Relations: Protection of the Worker in the Free Enterprise System.
1960-64 Attended Italian Institute for the Middle and Far East, studied Indonesian language and culture.

Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Indonesian.

1957-60 Worked for the Organizing Committee for the Games of the XVII Olympiad; was official announcer in Italian, English and French. 1966 Worked for the Service Civil International in the rescue operations after the Florence floods.

1966-68 Worked for the European Bureaus of Time Inc. as assistant to their photographers on assignments throughout Europe.

1968 Worked for the Service Civil International for the emergency relief operations in Sicily after the earthquake. Photographed extensively the activities of the Center of Studies of Danilo Dolci in Western Sicily.

1968-76 Worked as free-lance photographer, travelling on assignment to: Cameroon, Nigeria, (then) Upper Volta, Ivory Coast, Dahomey, Togo, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, (then) Portuguese Guinea, Gambia, Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, Tchad, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Sweden, England, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Rumania, Iceland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary. During this period did documentation on fishing in Africa for publication.

1971-95 Took up residence in New York and continued working as a free-lance photographer all around the world for the following clients: National Geographic Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, Newsweek, Time, Life, Fortune, Forbes, Sports Illustrated, Geo, The London Times Magazine, The Sunday Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, Town and Country, Money, People, Discover, Travel And Leisure and Travel Holiday.

1971 Created, produced and directed for Time & Life twelve half hour programs on "Foods of the World"

1974-75 Made three educational film strips on the oil industry, the mining industry and metallurgy.

1977 Organized a distribution system with eleven agents to syndicate more than 500,000 photographs in my files. The countries are England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Grece, Finland, Japan.

1979-80 Traveled to Mali, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Nigeria to document, with the aid of the European Fund for Development, Sahel drought conditions and solar power applications.

1985-86 Documented American involvement in Central America, particularly in Honduras and Nicaragua.

1986 Was one of the fifteen photographers selected world-wide by the Chinese to retrace the steps of the Long March on the fiftieth anniversary for a commemorative book.

1987 Documented the Iran-Contra hearings.

1988 Documented the restoration of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. Was guest of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia and photographed the private world of the King.

1989 Photographed for the National Geographic and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts the Sudan expedition that shed new light on the Merowitic civilization and the Kingdom of Kush.

1990-91 Photographed for National Geographic the research expeditions in the rain forest of Guatemala that have helped explain the end of the Mayan civilization. Initiated a project of documentation of the burning of the rain forest. Member of the faculty of the Eddy Adams Workshop on photojournalism. Served on the Board of the ASMP.

1992 Contributing photographer for Life Magazine. Photographed for National Geographic two stories on Mayan paintings in Mexico: in Cacaxtla and in Bonampak.Filmed and produced singlehandedly a National Geographic Explorer segment titled "Bonampak". Served on the Board of the ASMP.

1993 Filmed and produced singlehandedly a National Geographic Explorer segment titled "Maya Murals". Started work on a project with National Geographic and the Institute of Human Origins on the origins of man. Participated in the expedition of Dr. Donald Johanson in the Haddar region of Ethiopia. The work is still in progress. Filmed and produced singlehandedly a National Geographic Explorer segment titled "Lucy's Relatives". Served on the Board of the ASMP.

1994 Travelled to Chile for National Geographic to document the Chinciorro civilization. To Portugal, Switzerland, Morocco and Italy for extensive documentary work.Served on the Board of the ASMP.

1995 Travelled to Honduras once for National Geographic, and a second time for the Museum of Natural History. To Italy two times for Smithsonian Magazine. Photographed the Suya indians in the Mato Grosso region of Brazil during an expedition with Anthony Seeger of the Smithsonian Institution. The work shows the destruction of the rain forest and the dramatic danger of extinction of this tribe reduced to 180 people.

1996 Travelled to El Salvador for the archeological discoveries in Ceren. Produced a complete documentation of the operations of Pfizer in Japan working for a month an a half all over the country. Documented the Pfizer pharmaceutical operations in Brazil, Holland and UK.

1997 Returned to Honduras for more work in Copan. Did a complete coverage of Azerbaijan, the emerging oil producing giant. Followed the sculpting of the gigantic Leonardo's horse to be cast for the first time; the work is continuing today. Created more than 40 images that are the only art work to be permanently displayed at the headquarters of the Dover Corporation in New York. These are abstract images of industrial subjects at the Dover plants allover the country.

1998 Worked for five months in the Catskills to do a complete book on the birthplace of American Fly Fishing. Scheduled publication September 1999.

1999 Published "Land of Little Rivers" a stunning photographic portrait of the streams where American fly fishing had its beginnings. 280 pages, 265 color pictures, hard cover.

2000 One man exhibits of fly fishing photographs in four different galleries in the North East. Photographed for Pfizer in Florida, Michigan, California and Texas.

2001 Photographed for Pfizer in Japan, Norway and Morocco. On assignment for Smithsonian Magazine in Italy — photographed the historical car race " Mille Miglia" (1000 Miles). Travelled to Iceland to do a photographic story, for National Geographic, to stop the building of an immense dam and an Alcoa alluminium smelting plant that would submerge the last piece of wilderness left in Europe. Photographed in New York during and after September 11.

2002 Started work on a book on the "Hidden Treasures of Central Park", a collection of Images each facing a reflection by New York writers and poets. Travelled to Dubrovnic to document the beauty of the reconstructed jewel of the Adriatic. Spent a month in Morocco documenting the destruction of the cedar forests of the Atlas mountains and the extermination of the Barbary Apes (Macaca sylvanus). The Morocco story was for world wide distribution.

1973 Art Director's Club of Washington
1974 Society of Publication Designers Certificate of Merit
1975 Society of Publication Designers Certificate of Merit
1975 The Art Annual
1976 The Art Annual
1977 The Art Director's Club of New York. Merit Certificate.
1979 Society of Publication Designers Certificate of Merit
1981 Society of Publication Designers Certificate of Merit
1982 Gold Medal of the World Press Photo
1983 Gold Medal of the World Press Photo
1990 Faculty of the Eddie Adams Workshop of Picture Journalism
1991 Faculty of the Eddie Adams Workshop of Picture Journalism
1996 Fellow Resident member of The Explorers Club
2002 Investor Relations Magazine — Barron's Award, Best Annual Report, Large Company for PFIZER
Member of the American Society of Media Photographers since 1976

Commercial pilot license, soaring, sailing, skiing, diving.

E-mail: enrico@ferorelli.com
Fax: 212-725-0450
Telephone: 212-685-8181

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